Cascade Lakes Highway (Devil’s Lake)

In early October I was able to get in one last trip around the Cascade Lakes Highway. Highway 46 is 66 miles long and features  a dozen lakes, 16 interpretive sites, and views of Mt. Bachelor, South Sister, and Broken Top. Campgrounds and trailheads provide access to fishing, hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking. One could spend an eternity here. Cycle and nordic roller-skate traffic  is common, especially in Spring. In the Summer all types of recreational traffic is to be expected. Several lake resorts can be found along the way, but provisions are overpriced: it’s best to fuel up before you go.

Here is a map of Highway 46:

Devil’s Lake is known for it’s turquoise waters, shallow and crystal clear. My intent was to chase down the first snow of the year I was too soon: The next day the whole highway was covered in a white blanket. On this day these images were captured, the ammassing clouds had blocked the sun and cast the lake green. Parts of Cascade Lakes Highway closes seasonally due to snow accumulation, I will return in the spring to capture the turquoise color.

Trail along Devils Lake Devil's Lake in October DSC_0343 DSC_0342

Devil’s lake has a no-pay hike-in campground with 11 tent sites. There is a parking lot with space for horse trailers. A parking pass is required. South Sister (Oregon’s 3rd largest mountain) can be summited from a trail that begin’s at Devil’s lake campground. *More on that hike later….

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