Ann’s Butte Natural Area

Yesterday I visited my ‘neighborhood butte’. It’s peak, standing at 4,747 feet, is clearly visible from my front window. There are several ways to get to the top (and actually, several ‘tops’). Ann’s Butte Natural Area has two summits: Ann and Little Ann. The former is classified as Oregon’s 1,658th highest mountain and is home to a a bevy of Sugar Pine Cones. Sugar Pines are the largest species of Pine and are known for their sizable Cones. Sugar Pines produce a delicious syrup, much like Maple.

Ann’s Butte Natural Area is closed to motor vehicles but can be accessed via NF-41 by foot or horse.

Ann’s Butte Summit

Trail near summit of Big Ann
Firepit at Ann's Butte Summit
Campsite at South end of Big Ann
Pistol Butte from Anns Butte
View of Pistol Butte from Big Ann
Mt. Bachelor from West side of Ann's Butte
Mt. Bachelor from west side of Big Ann
Sugar Pine Cones
Sugar Pine cones
Sugar Pine Cone & Ponderosa Pine Cone
Sugar Pine cone and Ponderosa Pine cone

Little Ann 

In the 1940’s much of what is now Sunriver was used by the US Army to train combat engineers during World War II. Little Ann was once home to a fire lookout. The ranger spent most of their time maintaining the miles and miles of telegraph line that ran through the forest.

View looking East over Three Rivers Neighborhood
Green Mountain, Lava Butte, Bessie Butte (background) Sunriver Meadow and Resort (foreground)
Telegraph Pole on little Ann
Telegraph Pole on little Ann (Photo Credit, Scott Anderson)

Here is a map to this Butte. I like to park at the intersection of NF-41 and NF- 4220 and hike the road East into Ann’s Butte Area. This makes for a 6 mile out and back hike.

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  1. […] fear of crowds I didn’t even notice buttes. A crummy day and a need for solitude lead me up Ann’s Butte. I had started out mad and grew angrier as I discovered the road to the top was closed to motor […]


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