Petersen Rock Garden

Not far off Highway 97, between Bend and Redmond is a quaint little piece of roadside Americana, The Petersen Rock Garden. The Garden was built in 1935 by Danish immigrant Rasmus Petersen and is made entirely of locally collected rocks. Obsidian, Petrified Wood,Crystal Quartz,and Agate make up a miniaturized world complete with irrigated ponds and Lime Stone encrusted bridges. Petersen was a proud American and built many a tribute to his beloved country within his Garden. Independence Hall, The Capitol Building, and The Statue of Liberty sit in stoic repose amongst a motley crew of resident peafowl.

The Garden features a rock shop that sells a nice collection of local rocks, Thundereggs, Crystals and Fossils. The shop also features as fluorescent room full of tiny castles made of glow-in-the-dark rocks (Manganese, Uranium, and Zinc). The shop is open most days from 9-close.

The Garden was placed on The Register of Historic Places in 2013 and is currently managed by The Family of Rasmus Petersen. Admission is 4.50 for Adults and 2.00 for Children

A January afternoon at Petersen Rock Garden.
A doll sized Independence Hall, made of locally collected rocks.
Obsidian shards and other rocks make up the replica of the Hall.
Petersen’s tribute to America supports a rock Capitol Building.
This fellow gave us a free show!
Chickens and Hens grow atop an Agate tower.
You can see Mt. Hood in the background.
The Statue of Liberty rises above Petersen’s Concretia Dementia
Immortal word’s of a long gone Petersen rest upon a slab of petrified wood.

From US 97 turn north on SW 61st St., then left on Young Ave. Cross Canal Blvd then turn Right on SW 77th St. The Garden is less than a mile on the right.

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