The Devil’s Playground

On the westside of Sparks Lake is an area called the Devil’s Playground, a meadow marsh near Satan’s Creek. I stumbled upon this place by accident, following fall colors and finding quite a bit more. This area is home to several abandoned campsites including the Satan Creek Forest Camp (pictured). Satan Creek is spring fed and flows into Goose Creek (spring and glacial fed) and then into Sparks Lake.

In October of 1966 a glacial moraine on Broken Top broke and caused a flood in this area. Logging debris, mud, and sediment washed through and eventually drained into Sparks Lake. That is why, on a map, Goose Creek looks like a tiny lake.

The Devil’s Chair, a nearby obsidian formation makes a narrow pass where indecipherable pictographs can be seen. A Native American legend tells of a bloody ambush at this location.

Here is a map to this location. The campground is about 1 mile from the Green Lakes trailhead, parking is available for up to 3 vehicles, campsite is about a quarter-mile walk from the parking lot.

Satan Creek Camp
Near Satan Creek forest camp
Satan Creek near Sparks Lake
Marshland path to Satan Creek
Cloud formation covering Mt. Bachelor, Satan Creek flowing into Sparks Lake
Satan Creek looking towards South Sister

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