Crystal Crane Hot Springs



For my 32nd Birthday I decided to roll out into the desert and dip into a natural hot spring. I love Hot Springs, it’s no secret, and like all things ‘Oregon’ they are pretty trendy. My favorite hot springs (Summer Lake) are now really popular. 😦  My first few visits will live on in pleasant memory! The only other soakers were locals (with good hiking info) Europeans (very much about the water and didn’t speak English) or Hippies (campers, older, odd groans.) but now…there are a lot more people and still only the same amount of water. Ha, I sound old!

We went to Crystal Crane; nearish Burns, Oregon.  The water was busy, even in the middle of the night and just before dawn. However, there is a lovely amount of steam here and a deep (7 foot) pond, the water itself is spacious and hot. I counted about a dozen campers and as many rentals + day use on a Saturday…that’s 50 or so people in and around the pool all day. That’s a lot to me but even still I felt like I could find a place to stretch out and have a moment. There were kids here all day so I felt bad leaving my daughter behind. Next time I’ll bring her for sure. You never know…some hot springs are for couples, some for party people, and some for families 🙂


The accommodations were super cute, a renovated shed with a nice bathroom. They call this the ‘Bunkhouse’ and it is located right by the pond. I liked the little porch. We stayed warm enough, even when we blew the breaker in the night (Don’t boil water for tea, it’s against the rules anyway).  All of the other cabins have shared bathrooms and if you want a shower you will have to go up to the shower/bathroom/tub building. There is another renovated shed that serves as a community kitchen and another community building with games and TV.

The hot spring pond at midnight and Daybreak.

This was probably the best part of the whole place- a private tub! You can control the hot and cold water coming in and this tub was clocking in at about 108 degrees! I sweat for a whole week after I got out of this tub. My internal organs still seem to be in working order so I’ll count that as my cellular detox for the year!


My birthday dinner (post boiling tub) and the steamy pond at sunrise.


Teepees (I’d go for one of these in late Spring…they have their own tub and a heated floor!) The back flow from the pond creates a wetland. I love the birds coming and going and sitting by the pond, it reminds me of the Willamette Valley in a strange way.



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