Lava Cast Forest


Who is ready for a good old fashioned Central Oregon Summer? It has been only the longest, most abominable Winter ever and the collective has had enough! Never mind this wicked Mercury retrograde…as an effect I’ve been digging through my archives to find some Retro-Summer Love!


This was an early morning walk in Mid July a few years back at Lava Cast Forest. I drove 11 miles up the bumpy road in my Jeep to bask in the pinnacle of BLUE summer. July is great, it’s crisp and bright and all the flowers are in bloom. August  quickly brings forest fires, hazy skies, and chilly nights.

This year I vow to embrace every-single-summer-day!

Weve’ all earned some fun after this winter, yikes!

Renee Owens Sunriver Photography
Snowmageddon Flash Back: the sparkly bits are actually ice crystals that cut your frozen skin! Whee!

The Lava Cast Forest is a classic, it’s great for kiddos because it’s an easy 1 mile ‘hike’ and it features tree molds formed by molten lava! It also pairs nicely with Lava Butte and Lava River Cave and if you visit all three you’ll be an expert on ancient volcanic eruptions and their awesome might, mwuhaha!


These lava casts were formed 7,000 years ago when lava poured from Newberry Caldera igniting trees in it’s path. As a tree would burn the molten lava would surround the tree, cool, and form a mold. The forest’s age was determined in 1964 by carbon dating charcoal that was found in a cast.

Lava Cast Forest
Lava Tube City!

Adjacent Hoffman Island Trail is a great add on hike as well as Camp Abbot Cinder Pit

If you are looking for a volcanic upgrade check out nearby Paulina Peak Hike and  Hot Springs…..or not 🙂 Either way- bring on Summer!


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