Blue Pool- Koosah & Sahalie Falls

You know why the water at blue pool is blue, right? It’s because that’s where the smurfs make their babies. This one had me chuckling, a friend wrote it to me after I mentioned my trip out to Tamolitch Falls. Although the falls can only be seen in Spring, this mid November day trip really brought the Twilight vibes.

A fairly even, well maintained trail- this 4.5 mile out and back path is one of the freshest, most oxygenated wonder trips of my last year. I was able to reach my destination in just 45 minutes from Sisters Coffee Shop (hint hint). The hike took about two hours…

Traveling along The McKenzie River, you will be transferred in time to a fairyland lush with greenery. Fully immersed in the enchantment, I found myself listening for ancient wisdom in the trees. They told me to keep my eyes open- for roots on the path, mushrooms on the logs, and mist along the cliffs.

The pool itself is an unbelievable tranquil green blue ombre. It is spring fed, a chilly 30 degrees all year long, and a reflection of Oregon’s deepest, darkest magic. It seems to whisper “do not trespass on this sacred place. You are welcome- you may have the wisdom contained within- but do not harm nature” 😉 This is a very popular spot, so please take care.

Just up the road towards The Santiam Pass junction is Sahalie and Koosah Falls. A 2.6 mile path connects the two waterfalls and is family friendly but does have many stairs. The two waterfalls have parking areas but Koosah has a larger lot and may be easier to use in busy Summer months.

Sahalie means Heaven and Koosah means Sky, both are Chinook Jargon words, a language used for trade of news and goods. The Kalapuya, Molalla, Sahaptain and Chinook peoples traveled here collecting huckleberries and obsidian.

Enjoy this refreshing adventure in almost any weather, it is an easy day trip from Salem, Bend, Or Eugene. Take care and stay Wild.

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