Oregon Winter Tips

It’s that time in Oregon again, when the skies turn from grey to black and even the stars seem to hide. Snow, rain, freezing fog- we get it all. Wether you love it or hate it, here is your essential guide for traveling and playing in Oregon during Winter.


  1. Make sure your car is winter ready: check brakes, upgrade your windshield wipers (winter wipers have an extra layer of rubber to keep blades moving when snow builds up), switch to winter tires or get your normal tires siped. Pack an emergency kit…
  2. What Goes In An Emergency kit: jumper cables, headlamp, flares, water, shelf stable foods, blanket, chains, shovel, compass, extra jacket, duct tape, car charger for phone, first aid kit.
  3. Brush up on road safety: Look out for black ice and standing water, allow more time for travel, give lots of room to other drivers, use your headlights and signals, check tripcheck.com to make sure your route is safe and open.


  1. Prepare your home: make sure you seal any leaks, wrap pipes that may freeze, leave some windows available for ventilation, service your furnace or chimney to avoid fires or other home disasters.
  2. Tidy your outdoor space: mark garden beds, paths and driveways. Look for any limbs that may break or fall on the house with snow and trim them back. Blow out sprinklers, drain and put away hoses.
  3. Help wildlife: The best service you can provide for outdoor animals is water. Leave a bowl out with water and a small object like a ball to help keep the water from freezing. Periodically check and replace the water, you can chip the frozen layers or add hot water to keep things fresh.


  1. Embrace the season: instead of hating the dark and cold, try to snuggle in and take the time for rest. Invest in extra candles, a sunny light, tea, and books. Flowers don’t bloom all year and you shouldn’t have to either.
  2. Try something new: winter is a great time to try out a new hobby or craft. Enjoy the downtime and don’t be afraid to fail. Paint a picture, sew a quilt, take up woodcraft, or maybe…just maybe, write that book.
  3. Get outside! Don’t hide yourself entirely little boo boos, step out and smell the crisp air! Grab some pine boughs and bring them inside and make a wreath. Go Skiing, take your dog or kids to play in the snow… whatever you do- look for the joy.

Sending you all well wishes this winter season, may you be safe and sound in your homes and on your adventures. Until next time, stay wild!

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