Aspen Wildlife Sanctuary: Walking The Sunriver Labyrinth

My Family and I have been monitoring a little tree through our kitchen window. We watched it sprout neon lime buds in April and develop into a verduous green by July. As school began the leaves slowly paled into a golden yellow. This Saturday we fried breakfast and remarked on the leaves latest shade, crimson. This morning every…

Big Tree

Big Tree: Oregon’s Largest Ponderosa!

Benham Falls

6,600 years ago hot molten lava spewed from the side of Lava Butte, damming the Deschutes River and creating Benham Lake. The lake would overflow at a low point on a saddle, this channel eventually formed Benham Falls. The Deschutes travels on North towards Bend down two more clusters of rapids (Dillon and Lava Island Falls)….

Brown’s Crossing

Brown’s Crossing, 24 miles south of Sunriver,  is one of my favorite spots to observe a plethora of local wildlife. This 2- square mile habitat is a lush home to a variety of waterfowl and birds of prey, hummingbirds, beavers, deer, and bats. In early Spring I visited and found several deer carcasses from the…

Little Lava Lake & Deschutes River

Little Lava Lake is by far my favorite childhood lake. I have memories of hiking a primitive lake loop to a volcanic rock cropping, where we caught our limit of rainbow trout.  Little Lava is fed by a subsurface spring that sources the Deschutes River. The lake covers 138 acres and has an average depth of…