Lava Cast Forest

The Lava Cast Forest is a classic, it’s great for kiddos because it’s an easy 1 mile ‘hike’ and it features tree molds formed by Ancient molten lava!

Paulina Peak Hike

I like conquering peaks. The more vistas I’ve visited by foot the better I know the land around me. This gives me a sense of place, a deeper understanding of my home. That and I crave delicious hits of ecstasy inducing, opioid-receptor pushing endorphins! I’m only human after all, I like to feel good. In…

Lava River Cave

I’ve been on sort of a cave kick lately, I blame smokey 90 degree days. Two thirds of Oregon seems to be a blaze, as it usually is in late August. The newspaper has declared ‘Fire’ a season. I’ve found that smoke really messes up majestic vistas (and lung proficiency, go figure). I’ve taken to…

Hoffman Island Trail

After coffee one morning I told my family I was interested in going to explore a Kipuka down Hoffman Island Trail. My 6 year daughter set her iPad down. “Are we going to Hawaii?” She was obviously intrigued. “No, it’s only 10 miles away!” A half hour later we arrived at the trail head and…

Benham Falls

6,600 years ago hot molten lava spewed from the side of Lava Butte, damming the Deschutes River and creating Benham Lake. The lake would overflow at a low point on a saddle, this channel eventually formed Benham Falls. The Deschutes travels on North towards Bend down two more clusters of rapids (Dillon and Lava Island Falls)….

Paulina Lake Hot Springs

Located within Newberry Caldera is Paulina Lake, fed by snowmelt and volcanic vents. The lake drains into Paulina Creek and forms a twin Waterfall. The lake has a small resort, several campgrounds, a lake trail and good fishing. This is not a swimmable lake, it is very deep (250 ft) and can often have noxious algae blooms….

Lava Butte

Halfway between Bend and Sunriver is Lava Butte, a 5,020 foot cinder cone. The Lava Lands Visitor Center sits at the base of the butte and is the hub of the Newberry Caldera National Monument. The center hosts a delightful northwest bookstore and informative interpretive site (complete with topographic map and helpful rangers). There is an easy…