Top 10 Photo Spots in Oregon

Oregon is quite the place to have an adventure, I should know, I’ve lived here my whole life. Lucky me, I guess…. Still, life here has gotten pretty busy lately. The pandemic has inspired so many people to get out and explore their communities. I think this is great, because the more people LOVE a…

Lava Cast Forest

The Lava Cast Forest is a classic, it’s great for kiddos because it’s an easy 1 mile ‘hike’ and it features tree molds formed by Ancient molten lava!

Peter French Round Barn

Peter French was a nefarious cattleman whose strong handed acquisition of land would lead to his vengeful murder.

Antler Sheds Vs. Antique Rubble

So, it’s shed season here in Central Oregon and that means a good chunk of my family is out in the desert getting dusty and looking for dropped bone. 🙂 That sounds funny. Anyway, my parents and uncle have all been successful, duh… they always are! Good job guys, I’m totally not jealous at all. Not…

Crystal Crane Hot Springs

    For my 32nd Birthday I decided to roll out into the desert and dip into a natural hot spring. I love Hot Springs, it’s no secret, and like all things ‘Oregon’ they are pretty trendy. My favorite hot springs (Summer Lake) are now really popular. 😦  My first few visits will live on…

Bessie: The ‘Other’ Butte

Bessie Butte is my other butte. To Pilot ‘in-town’ Butte and Lava ‘on-the-way-home’ Butte anyway. Admittedly, there are enough buttes in my life that I have taken to giving them nicknames. Seems silly to personify a mass of dirt but I assure you each one has a unique personality, no two inclines are ever alike.